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Our Mission

To bridge the gap between a worldwide audience and last-mile wildlife conservation projects, creating an irresistible connection between consumers and the endangered wildlife they wish to save.

How LAST Works

Living Animal Support Tokens (LAST) are digital collectibles representing the real world’s wildlife that are playable in various games. Proceeds from token sales, trading, and in-game purchases, are redirected towards wildlife conservation non-profits scaling this movement to rebuild our world.


LAST animals are digital champions of their real world counterparts. Help protect their ecosystems and become a guardian for our planet’s wildlife both online and offline.


Your collectibles manifest themselves differently depending on the game universe you bring them into.


Proceeds from token sales, trading fees, and in-game purchases will fund the protection of their real-world counterparts.

The LAST Collectible

From species that roam the deserts or grasslands, to those living in the Arctic and dense rainforests, our planetary cohabitants will be brought to life on your screens and playable in various games. Living Animal Support Tokens are digital collectibles that you can interact with on mobile and the web.
We work with conservation nonprofits to bring you closer to their real world counterpart, so you can receive updates for how your animal is doing in the wild.

The Games Multiverse

Your LAST animals contain real world wildlife characteristics that developers can use to integrate into their games as characters, costumes, or power upgrades. Your digital collectible can manifest themselves differently in various games. A cheetah token could come alive as an avatar in a Safari game, give you speed boosts in a racing game, or relax in your digital sanctuary where you can learn more about its real life counterpart in Africa and related conservation efforts.

The Technology

Last of Ours utilizes blockchain technology to represent real-world animals as digital assets, specifically non-fungible (ERC721) tokens.
Because token ownership and impact history lies on an immutable ledger (the blockchain) and not a centralized database (game servers), your LAST animals will have longevity beyond individual games, sustaining impact creation as you move on to use your tokens in future applications.

Real World Impact

Whenever a user buys or trades a LAST token, proceeds from sales and trading activity will be redirected towards our nonprofit vehicle in a verifiable manner. Enlisted impact partners report a breakdown of funding needs, utilization, future milestones, and the daily successes and failures experienced in their work.
We hope that the platform will not only fund conservation efforts, but also give a voice to those on the ground, allowing us to share seldom heard stories and champion the important work that they do.

Our team

Kris Chinosorn

Product Design | Strategy | Business Development

Nichanan Kesonpat

Product Lead | People Ops | Content

Pong Cheecharern

Blockchain Lead | Research

Taylor West

Marketing | Brand Strategy | Partnerships

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